"Lo Smeraldo" translates from Italian, to "The Emerald"

Why Emerald?
Emerald is my favorite stone. Not only is it my birthstone, but it is also a stone that I find most fascinating, from how its formed to the variant green hues.

How did I start Lo Smeraldo?
Always having a passion for jewelry, every trip I made always surrounded by finding a piece of jewelry, to have as a souvenir. Once I had moved to Italy (from Michigan), I would scour the Italian streets to find jewelry shops... which is not such an easy task..
I craved the adventures and history of the shops that I would walk into, and knew that I had discovered a real treasure. Today, I have made some amazing relationships with many small shops all around Italy and I am excited to share my treasure hunt with you, to tell their story & the untold story & mystery behind the antique jewels that I find.
Let's treasure hunt together..

Lo Smeraldo Ltd.


If you have an Antique piece of jewelry that you are interested in selling, please shoot me an email.